Humpback Whales Swim Right Outside Lodge On Canadian Lake

The onlookers are absolutely thrilled to witness such awe-inspiring creatures up close
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Hotel breakfasts can be a bit prosaic. Either you're faced with an uninspired 'Continental affair' - essentially bread and stuff - or a more enticing, but ultimately disappointing Full English that's been sat under a heat lamp for hours. Needless to say, both would be massively improved by the addition of some whales.

Not to eat, of course, but a few lolloping about for your entertainment would definitely raise the mood around the cornflakes.

And, if you happened to be staying at the Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy, British Columbia in Canada this week, then you got way more whale than you bargained for with your brekkie.

Guests at the Great Bear Lodge were treated to quite the show as a family of humpback whales turned up right outside for a feed, as this amazing video shows.

The onlookers are absolutely thrilled to witness such awe-inspiring creatures up close, with two women in the front of shot even giving each other a huge high five to celebrate the moment.

Quite how the humpbacks ended up just metres away from the hotel is a mystery, but what a sight it was.

Actually, when I say it's a mystery... the Internet always provides. There's a Reddit thread discussing the incident, so let me cede the floor to the myriad of theories on it and let you decide for yourself which seems the most likely.

One amateur cetologist (trans: 'whale guy') writes: "I've seen enough nature shows to know what the humpbacks are doing."

Please, go on.

"They've chased a school of fish into that cove. They get it nice and concentrated, then blow bubbles around the school, like a makeshift net.

"Then several humpbacks dive below and surge to the surface all at once, mouths open, eating gigantic amounts of fish. It's a typical hunting technique that humpbacks use."

This sounds vaguely like science, so could be legit - but then, so does a lot of nonsense on the Internet.

Another commenter is less optimistic.

"The lady up top is losing her mind at the sight of beautiful whales," they write.

"But below, there is carnage and terror for thousands of fish as they scream and die and their children and everyone they ever knew are herded into the gaping jaws of darkness and unknown."

All together now - 'It's the Ciiiiiiircle of Liiiiiiife...'

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